Working Papers

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  • “Segregated in Social Space: The Spatial Structure of Acquaintanceship Networks” Conditionally accepted for publication at Sociological Science

  • * “Flows and Boundaries: A Network Framework for Understanding Occupational Mobility in the Labor Market” (with Siwei Cheng) Conditionally accepted for publication at American Journal of Sociology




  • * “Was There a Culture War? Partisan Polarization and Secular Trends in U.S. Public Opinion” (with Delia Baldassarri), The Journal of Politics, Volume 83, Issue 2, pp. 809-827.

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    2. Article
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    4. Data


  • “How Are We Apart? Continuity and Change in the Structure of Ideological Disagreement in the American Public, 1980-2012,” Social Forces, Volume 96, Issue 4, pp. 1757-1784.

    • Winner of the Dennis Wrong Graduate Student Prize for the best graduate student paper written or published in 2018, Department of Sociology, NYU
    1. Abstract
    2. Article (free access)
    3. Methodological Appendix (Online Supplement)
    4. Replication Code